This is a rare collection of audio interviews I did with some of the great fingerstyle guitarists of our time; Tommy Emmanuel, Pierre Bensusan, Adrian Legg, Pat Kirtley, Stephen Bennet and Pete Huttlinger.

I recorded these interviews digitally backstage, in trailers, and hotel rooms with the idea that some of their brilliance would rub off on me.  I hope it happens for you.  When these artists speak of their roots, techniques and inspirations, you get a better understanding of why and how they are the masters.

Each interview has guitar playing, fingerstyle techniques for the begining and advanced, ideas how to promote your career, the origins of fingerstyle guitar, and the present day industry and art.  The interviews vary in length from 30 minutes to over an hour.  I've included a four minute Mp3 here to give you a sample of each artist's interview.  If you would like to have the complete Masters of Fingerstyle collection (no individual interviews and NO fancy labels or packaging) I'll give it to you with an order of 2 CDs from my collection.  Make a note in the "Note to seller" section of your PayPal checkout form.

  1. Tommy Emmanuel, interviewed backstage at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va.  Tommy plays a few tunes and talks about how he got started in Australia to become the world wide touring machine: 300 gigs a year!
  2. Pierre Bensusan, the master explains a great technique for learning to use the fingers of the right hand for individual notes and talks about his complex compositions.
  3. Adrian Legg, the genius talks about his inspiration for writing and the ups and downs of playing live.
  4. Pat Kirtley, recorded at Winfield Kansas, tell us the origins of American fingerstyle guitar and shares some techniques for practicing the right way.
  5. Stephen Bennet, king of the harp guitar, says where he gets his inspiration, using a partial capo and how to have a successful career as a fingerstylist.
  6. Pete Huttlinger, backstage at the Favored Nations tour in Richmond, Va, tells why he gets hired as an A List Nashville studio musician, practice techniques and how to arrange a song for fingerstyle.

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